Why is Leaky Gut Considered a ‘Quack’ Diagnosis?

I addressed the issue of why most doctors consider intestinal hyperpermeability (leaky gut) a ‘quack’ diagnosis in my thesis entitled “The Implications of Intestinal Hyperpermeability.” The main reason for this (as I can see it) is due to our need for ‘scientific proof’ in our modern era of medicine. Despite the fact that doctors have understood and acknowledged the connection … Read More

The Right Time

I thought this was an appropriate title for my first actual blog post, which I have been waiting waaay too long to write. What have I been waiting for?  The right time, I suppose.  I was telling myself that I was waiting for my credentials, which I’ve had for quite some time now…Master of Science in Human Nutrition, Washington State … Read More

Test Blog

Facebook post test post: The intestines are made up of one single layer of cells and these cells are connected by “tight junctions” that prevent passage of hazardous toxins from the gut and into the bloodstream. Gluten (gliadin) causes the tight junctions to come apart and allows toxins and food particles from the gut to reach the bloodstream, which leads … Read More