The Right Time

The Right Time is NOWI thought this was an appropriate title for my first actual blog post, which I have been waiting waaay too long to write. What have I been waiting for?  The right time, I suppose.  I was telling myself that I was waiting for my credentials, which I’ve had for quite some time now…Master of Science in Human Nutrition, Washington State licensed Nutritionist, and on my way to being a Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS) as well. Credentials acquired, yet my blog was still only happening in my head. Writing this, I actually feel shocked that this is the first time that I am writing in my own blog, because in my mind, I’ve been writing in it for years. And  I’ve certainly been busy writing a crapload of various review papers about nutrition, yet I’ve never taken the time to share them with anyone. WTF? When I find some free time, MAKE prioritize some time in the near future, I will pull a bunch of stuff I’ve written and stick it on here to bulk things up. But first I need to get past writing this first intimidating blog post.

Why am I intimidated? Easy answer = FEAR. We all have it, we all try to pretend like it doesn’t affect us, we all are lying to ourselves if we don’t realize that our own fear is the only thing standing in the way of us actualizing our true potential. Fear is what drives perfectionism, and I have perfection-itis so bad that it’s itching the years right out of my life. This is why I’m NOT allowing myself to be a perfectionist on this blog, I WILL force myself to not neurotically proofread and re-read, and with anyone reading this post as my witness:  I forgive my future self for all of my future mistakes and typos that will inevitably occur. <<<< Deep Breath>>>>  Ya know, I feel better about this already.

Kinsey free from autoimmunityFear makes us believe that the right time exists anywhere other than here and now. The right time is what happens when we are in the process of actively creating. It’s here and it’s now and it’s always waiting for us for embrace it. And when we face our fears with boldness and determination, it takes away their power. Take for example, this blog post. I’ve been typing for five ten fifteen minutes, and now I am forcing myself to stop. And ya know what? I am suddenly excited about writing my next blog post! TA DA! And with that, I pronounce my fear of blogging (at least for this moment) CONQUERED, and I would now like to return to our regularly scheduled program….which will involve me spewing on endlessly about diet, nutrition, the matrix, human psychology, lifestyle, autoimmune disease, chronic inflammation, leaky gut syndrome, anti-nutrients, food poison, diseases of modern society, Paleo diets, Primal diets, other “diets”, gut restoration, vegans, hormones, vegetarian diets, Functional Medicine, and all sorts of stuff that may or may not interest/anger you, but I need to get it out of my head-heart. And the time just feels right to do that. Until we meat again, Cheerio! :-)

Kinsey Jackson, MS, CN





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